Consolidating school systems

21-Sep-2020 19:07

The agreement provided for the transfer of personnel, function and services from the School District to the Onondaga County Division of Purchase. All inquiries should now be directed to the Onondaga County Division of Purchase.

Onondaga County Division of Purchase Mission Statement: The Division of Purchase supports Onondaga County, City of Syracuse and Syracuse City School District operations by providing the right goods and services at the right time and at the right price and thereby providing quality service to its departmental customers and the residents of Onondaga County.

Educational and Professional Qualifications: Is responsible in the development of creative communication materials in different mediums and platforms from conceptualization, to execution, to production.

Educational and Professional Qualifications: The Programmer enables stakeholders to access information for increased learning and productivity.

Onondaga County Division of Purchase encourages purchasing from existing contracts whenever possible for cost savings and prompt delivery. page=5 https:// Additional contracts are available on the Onondaga County Purchasing Share Point website available when connecting through the District's network at: UN = adongov\SCSDusr PW = @Public99 The District now utilizes a paperless requisition entry model to reduce the time between when the need for goods is identified and the goods are received.

To register for a training session or to schedule an individual training session, please contact: Chris Komar, Systems Training Assistant by email ([email protected]) or call 435-6000 ext. PDC Requisition Entry Training sessions (contact Chris Komar to register for a session) Computer workstations at the BOVA warehouse office have been set aside for staff to sign-up to use to enter requisitions.

Educational and Professional Qualifications: Supports the Student Records & Information Head in the database management of all student records as well as the physical records of closed-schools.

Specifically, he/she is tasked with the preparation, evaluation and maintenance of all student academic records.

Educational and Professional Qualifications: Leads and oversees the development of the Learning Materials (curriculum, courseware, and standard periodical examinations) of STI programs.

He/she ensures that the content and teaching methodologies of the Learning Materials are accurate, relevant, and effective; and are timely delivered to all STI schools.

Educational and Professional Qualifications: Develops learning materials (curriculum, courseware, and standard periodical examinations) that are accurate, relevant, updated, and adheres to curricular standards; and works closely with the Research Head to ensure that the courseware and exam development processes, policies, and work instructions are adhered to.

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