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Nureha is a rather curvaceous woman who blatantly uses her appealing looks to attract men in conjunction with her Courtesan subclass to get people to do her bidding.She has wavy black hair and white skin, with a indigo-black dress made of crow's feathers.This sets up Saki's task for Yandere-chan to find her bra somewhere at school. Kokona calls him "Senpai", even though they're in the same class.She might be moved to Class 2-1 or Class 2-2 so that she can still call her him "Senpai".In her Dariella disguise, she either has blond hair (anime, volume 8) or black hair (volume 5), but still maintains her alluring looks.She is seen with a yellow dress and hat in the anime.

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It is revealed that Kokona had Saki involved in her plans for her father to get out of debt, though regrets having Saki help her, as Saki planned to sell her underpants to boys from other schools, but was too embarrassed to carry it out.She is easily manipulated by Indicus, who often verbally abuses her by saying no-one will ever love her.