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Additional light (129 ± 8 μmol m) was provided by high-pressure mercury lamps (Osram Powerstar HQI-T 250 W/D, Osram Gmb H, Munich, Germany) to extend the photoperiod to 24 h and to supplement the natural daylight.

On June 15–17, the seedlings were transplanted to 12-cm pots (0.8 L), with two seedlings of each provenance per pot.

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The light source and vapor pressure deficit were the same as in the daylight phytotron.During the period from Day 7 to Day 154, subsets of pots from each DT temperature were transferred from cold storage to growth chambers for a 14-day MS treatment at a constant temperature of 8 or 12 °C in a 12-h photoperiod at 180–190 μmol m (Osram Powerstar HQI-BT 400 W/D).After the 14-day MS exposure, the potted seedlings were returned to cold storage.My Chart is your secure, online health management tool, because your family’s well-being is important to you around the clock—not just during office hours.

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The MS treatment did not significantly affect days to bud burst when given early (after 7–35 chilling days).