Christian widow and widowers dating

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Fencing that states “No fence, wall or hedge shall be permitted between the front building line and the street in any business, commercial or industrial district.”, in order to erect a 6’ fence in the front of the property.

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Divorce Care classes available at Bethel Worship Center and Chapel Pike Wesleyan.

The second Saturday of each month is designated as a social night.

This could be a ‘dinner and movie’ event or a game night.

Also, we are only able to update list as people tell us that there is a change to be made or that a particular group doesn't exist any longer. Peter's Rock Baptist Church Address: 10914 Frenchman Mtn.

Please let us know if you find anything that needs to be corrected by sending an email to [email protected] Rd.; North Little Rock, AR 72120 Contact person: Day & Time of Meeting: For meeting & event times please send us an email General types of activities: Bible Study, Friday/Saturday Singles Night Out; Seminars; Holiday events; bowling; movies; weekend tripsame of Group: Colorado Springs Christian Singles Sponsored by: Colorado Springs.

The fourth Saturday is set aside for a devotional time.