Cfform not validating

07-May-2020 17:02

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The problem I'm having is on the top, everything is ok whether pressing enter or clicking submit.

However, for the bottom, only clicking submit will work, pressing enter does not work. Thank you very much in advance Well, Tammy, before I offer a thought, let's clarify for readers that that's not really the subject of this entry, which was about challenges when you have no submit button.

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A user on Twitter (@sean010101, or Sean21 to his friends), asked about using cfinput to validate that a value does not collide with entries in the database.

But did you know that the submit will not happen if you have two input text fields (and no submit button)? Today, someone asked me to let them indicate how many records to show by default, and when I added a second input box for that, suddenly the submit would not work.

I found this when I had a long-working form of this sort, to which I added a second input field. (If you look, you'll find the 2nd input field at the bottom of the form, but it doesn't matter.

I assume he was talking about the validation aspects of cfform. There’s a lot of built in validation rules with cfform, but I normally would make use of the j Query Validate plugin.

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width: 0px;height: 0px;border: none) text input and now the page is work as expected. (Just hadn't noticed it because my text field does an onblu="submit()", so I never noticed the phantom in my case.) Thanks for sharing. I Have Set My Input As Submit So When U Hit Enter It Will Go To The Current Page I Want It To Go To.. Only If I Leave It As Button And Click It, It Works.. 1) First, I have not encountered any instances of an upd ...

With such problems, it's always best to break things down to a simple example to confirm that what you think you see is really what's happening.

:-) Here's a simple form, with 2 input fields and submit buttons.

Your solution worked great and my forms submit perfectly now.

I tweaked it into a class that overrides any default button styles I may have applied:.input-hidden Hi Charlie, I'm running across some similar problem but not exactly like yours. On my search results page I have paging and there's a text input field for "jump to page" so users can enter a number and go to that page.

The only problem is this field needs to be at both top and bottom of the page.

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