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They may also value the shared affection they experience in non-sexual ways, what Donnelly and Burgess call “we-ness.” The social supports of remaining together as a couple, if not a family, also keep the sexless couple together.Emotionally, a couple may remain together in a sexless marriage because their partner is their best friend or their “ideal” partner.

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Love, shared values, and mutual goals, values, and experiences are the glue that can keep a sexless relationship going.In general, sexual activity is positively linked to relationship satisfaction, but there are still couples who don’t fit this pattern.They can maintain high relationship quality because their view of their relationship has shifted to define the sexless life as normative.In examining the data from a sample of 77 couples, Donnelly and Burgess identified a handful of basic strategies.

About one-third gave up and stopped asking their partner.What determines which couples choose the sexless route and which remain sexually active well into their later years?