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Keep in mind that your solution should work for any of our files (they are all created in the same way).

Our backend developer would be available to work with you on the front.

The Adobe XD team is looking for experienced graphics engineers with Open GL / Web GL / C / animation / 2D Graphics API experience to work on next-gen prototyping features.

See the following link for a more generic job-post, but get in contact if you think the above criteria would be a good fit. utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic I am Jewelery desginer, and building a e-commerce website about jewelery.

By being a web-based VR player, we make sure it reaches the right audience faster.

We are looking for an experienced web GL developer with good solid background in computer graphics to improve the development of an interactive 3D web Viewer, which is implemented based on x BIM viewer: Bim Team/Xbim Web UI/blob/master/Xbim.

Experience developing CAD applications Experience with Unity or Unreal Engine.

Experience with C , Ruby, Rails, Python, Objective-C, Java or Mobile development Experience with ARKit, ARCore, Open CV, Caffe, Tensor Flow, Theano, and/or other computer vision libraries and deep learning frameworks Come help work on Adobe XD, a multi-platform UX design application, built from the ground up with the latest technologies.

If you move the ball up and down really fast, you will see what i mean.

texture uv coordinates, materials, diffuse, reflection, etc.) which are extracted from the corresponding Obj and Mtl files.

Your job is to parse the custom file on the web Viewer without breaking the current functionalities, so 3D objects will be shown with their rendering features.

Configrator will work like this website configrator https:// but material quality will be like in this https:// you can please let me know, also I am open for all configrator offers.

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Ramiz whats App & Viber 00735 We are looking for talented 3D Web developer to join our growing team in Lausanne.

We have also PBR challenges so if you can work with that, help us improve the quality of our shaders and general rendering. Asynth is looking for a developer with web/graphics experience to work on its online architectural floor-planning application, Space Designer 3D.