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26-Jun-2020 05:55

Switch it up and show him you care with one of these fun games, even if it makes you feel silly. This game can be played with two people or with friends. It’s your job to visualize the other person’s aura. The last step is to write down the characteristics of the two spirit animals you drew.

Often it’s just taking time to make an effort that really can ignite the flame again and get things going on the right track. An aura is a color that you see when you look at or think of that person. When you show each other the results, you may learn something new about how the other person sees you.

It is new at every moment and it’s your job as the relationship witch to conjure some magic, my lady.

You might realize these games are not your typical relationship games and they are designed that way.

These games are more to get your creativity and emotional connection built up than anything else.

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Encourage him to get it right by telling him he will like the reward.

You might be writing the same places down, but you don’t know.

Then draw one out of a hat and that will be where you go for your ‘blind’ date.

Then tell him to make up five questions to ask you. This game will help to remind you both of what it feels like to fall in love and how you felt when you fell for each other.

You can both write down five places without telling each other the locations.Sportsnet reserves the right to close a story’s comment section at any time.