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The series ended on September 4, 2013, though Comedy Central airs every episode from the first to the last in reruns (including the made-for-DVD movies, which are shown as Edited for Syndication four-parter episodes).

While there are faint rumors of Matt Groening trying to revive the series yet again, from all outward appearances, it looks as if the show is finished for good as an ongoing series, although there has been a crossover episode with (season 26's "Simpsorama") in which the entire family is targeted by Bender and the Planet Express crew because their existence will lead to a Bad Future, two freemium games for i OS and Android and an audio episode, "Radiorama", made as part of the Nerdist Podcast in 2017.

Fry must spend the next few days with his head transplanted onto Amy's shoulder while Dr. Meanwhile, Bender uses the upcoming holiday to get rich quick by starting a blind dating service after getting fined for breaking anti-pimping laws.

), centered on a loser pizza delivery boy named Philip J.

more A Brief History Of Tame Where you go wrong is in taking the hesitant approach to asking a woman out -- waiting for her to give you some unambiguous indication of interest (ideally, in large red letters on a lighted billboard pulled by a pair of rented elephants)... The cover-up -- when your wife asks "How was your day, honey?

" and you just nod as vape smoke leaks out of your nostrils...

Seasons one to four are the episodes that aired on FOX, season five is the made-for-DVD movie season (on Comedy Central, the movies are shown as four-part episodes with parts cut to make room for commercials), and seasons six and seven are the Comedy Central episodes.

Girl-On-Girl Inaction It's understandably depressing if the only time there's heavy breathing in the bedroom is when you're re-enacting Wrestle Mania XXV -- that is, trying to get the duvet cover on...

more For Whom The Cell Tolls If your smartphone were actually smart, it would ping you to listen to your girlfriend before she's your ex-girlfriend trash-talking you in a bar...

Since the First Law of Gender-Bending ensures that most of these characters are male-to-female, Man, I Feel Like a Woman is frequently a contributing reason for these characters' choice.

Though it would take a rather base view of human nature to assume this as someone's primary reason for wanting to keep his/her gender change permanent, many "adult" stories often do make use of the common pornographic cliche that sex is inherently more pleasurable for women even if their authors would rather point to more dignified reasons.In 2011, she played the role of Blithe in the youth based comedy film The Sitter.

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