Beck dating trina

15-Sep-2019 09:25

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Beck was devouring Trina like a starving wolf attacking a steak, his tongue lapping up her juices and probing her insides, consistently stimulating her clitoris and bring her to the very edge, and then Trina let go, her body was racked with spasms and she found herself in the throes of a massive orgasm..

Trina's knees became weak and Beck had to hold her up, until she finished.

In her twisted little mind, if it seemed to the other boys that Beck, the hottest stud in school was into her, then they would want to see what they missed out on and come running.

In theory it was an interesting idea; in practice it would be difficult to pull off because Beck had, in fact, never asked her out, nor had he intended to.

Trina's love life had not been the greatest at Hollywood Arts.

True, she was a striking brunette with long shapely legs, a pretty face and very large breasts, but she also had an ego that was bigger than she was.

Trina was losing control rapidly, and did not even try to stop Beck as he unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

Trina: No..oo, I have been telling the you asked me out. Trina: Because, if the other boys think you asked me out, then they will start asking me and soon I will be so popular that boys will be fighting over me! Two hot guys come walking towards them and Trina grabs Beck and violently kisses him full on the lips, holding him there until they pass. Beck was upset, first he had not really gotten over losing Jade the other night, and now this rumor from Trina was too much for him.Trina had spent so much time trying to convince everyone that she was a great actress and singer that almost no one paid any attention to her, well except for Sinjin, and let's face it if it was female and had a pulse that nerd loser was into it.Trina's idea was to spread the rumor that Beck was interested in her and asked her out.The end of the day came before either one of them knew it, and soon Trina was on her way home and so was Beck.

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Trina began to scramble to get to prepare dinner for Beck.

There is one thing for sure when you have a group of talented entertainers together in one place; rumors are easy to get started.

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