Backdating enfield rifle musket

28-Mar-2020 14:25

Most of the Enfield’s they purchased were bought for the State Militia’s of Massachusetts and New York. H & G sold were sold over the counter to soldiers who wanted better equipment then the Government was issuing, and all officers were required to purchase their own uniforms and swords, so during the war S. was the perfect tool for soldiers and officers alike to purchase quality weapons and accessories. I love it when the markings on the weapon tell the story.

But we know this Musket wasn’t purchased by a soldier over the counter. This Enfield is a beauty I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

The Enfield was the first production gun to use rifling in its barrel and it fired the .577 caliber Pritchett minie ball (which was innovative for its time) and considered by many the prettiest rifle made with its brass accents.

The old-school rifles used patched round balls that tightly fit the bore, and after only a few shots, they became impossible to reload until somebody swabbed out the fouling—not an easy task while folks are shooting at you or charging at you with fixed bayonets.After Fort Sumter, they voted to secede and join the Confederacy. Designed to fire the .577 minie ball, the 1853 Enfield was issued by the hundreds of thousands by both sides, and was often regarded as the most accurate mass-issued rifled musket of the war. ” Why didn’t they just call it a rifle or a musket?As the comment thread following this TTAG post shows, 15 decades still hasn’t been enough time for the controversies and conflicts surrounding the Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression, if you prefer) to cool completely. The NRA has an article about an 1853 Enfield carried and dropped at Gettysburg by Confederate infantryman J. This type of weapon was termed a rifled musket because it loaded from the muzzle like the old smoothbore muskets, yet featured spiral grooves cut into the bore that made the projectile spin, hence “rifled.” It was the projectile that made the rifled musket revolutionary.One hundred and fifty years ago, my home state of Arkansas boiled with controversy.

Before the bombardment of Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, , the Arkansas state legislators voted to stay in the Union. 1862 when his unit exchanged their old Austrian Lorenz muskets for “Enfields Rifles, which are a splendid gun.” So what the heck is a “rifled musket? 1862 when his unit exchanged their old Austrian Lorenz muskets for usket?

Over the last bunch of weeks I’ve written about many of the domestic weapons in my Civil War Arsenal, but today I’m going to write about one of my imports muskets.