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Many stone tools commonly referred to as arrowheads were too large and heavy to have been attached to an arrow shaft and shot from a bow; the term PPK is a better choice.a radiometric method of dating organic material that is based on the rate that unstable radioactive carbon-14 atoms, which are present in all living things (humans, trees, etc.), decay into carbon-12 and carbon-13 atoms By comparing tree-ring dates with radiocarbon dates, scientists realized that the radiocarbon dates drift, or need to be calibrated, to reflect actual dates.The foundation of this glossary is the one assembled for the 2001 special issue of the study of humans and their cultural behavior from a holistic perspective, involving (in New World academics) these four sub-fields: archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and physical anthropology the study of past human culture by analyzing the material remains (sites and artifacts) people left behind; the science of archaeology involves recording, interpreting, and recreating past human life changes in the soil due to natural processes done by living things, which include the action of roots, worms, and digging creatures, etc.These processes cause the movement of and changes to artifacts and features after deposition.Spanish word referring to a system for drafting human labor used by the Spanish to force Native Americans to work for them for part of each year; the system had vast and negative consequences for Native Americans in Georgia and across the New World a critical step in archaeological research, sometimes overlooked; after field work and laboratory analysis, document searches, and a period of thoughtfulness, a good, ethical archaeologist prepares a report on the investigations.Archaeology is by nature a destructive science, so reporting passes on the information to others, because that field work can never be replicated.someone who takes artifacts from sites for non-scientific reasons, such as to add to their collection or to sell Pot hunting on federal and most state lands is illegal.In Georgia, it’s also illegal to pot hunt on private lands without the written permission of the landowner.

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the written materials, including notes, drawings, sketches, etc., that an archaeologist takes during a field project Field notes are often held (curated) just like artifacts, and are augmented by other records such as photographs and videos.In some cases known from late prehistory, the leader, or chief, would reside in a house on top of the mound.