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When she returns, what will Mamoru do to get her back? Changes both inside and outside of the Avengers' private world are going to cause some upheaval, but what will she be in the end - victim, survivor, loser, or victor? Darcy's world of scientists, agents, super heroes, and what-all is going to hell in a hand basket. Sarcasm aside though, shouldn't she be tucked away in a safe house somewhere? Why the hell is she on the front line of trying to take back the world...again?

This story will remain as faithful to Rowling as possible. With a little help from Dumbledore, Sirius is set free and the Marauders attempt to raise Harry. Mature but not graphic content, language suitable for primetime It's Christmas Eve and Hermione's husband can't make it home.

Pgj1997: Okay, so this one's gonna need a bit of explaining.

The worst episode of Teletubbies in my opinion is "Colours - Yellow".

After, each girl faces threats, mayhem, and drama while the mystery of the dogs unravels. J.'s world is upended, and a simple request for leave spirals into fullblown catharsis. It started with a broken down truck, carried on with giant robots, got twisted up with some Allspark energy, and now the who thing's gone to the Pits. After the infamous breakup in SM R, Usagi gets one too many shocks and leaves Tokyo. On August 11, 1976, four teenagers appear in Dumbledore's office. Take two Marauders and the women who put up with them. He’d led her through life with the same deft ease that he had when navigating the forest trails near their frontier home and yet when he departed life before her, he had left no marked trail behind him. Especially when that cold-hearted part of you is still there, creeping in the shadows of your mind?

Alex's life has never been more out of her control...literally. She thinks that she'll never come back but some ties are too strong to break... With knowledge of the future they will never return to, they set out to cut the Dark Lord's reign short. Add eight naughty children, two evil escapees from Azkaban, one wise Headmaster, and a dash of Dark Lord. A terrified woman, a silent knight..he help her overcome the terrors that have struck have her dumb can she teach him to love? This is the kind of thing Bucky had to worry about. Darcy Lewis' life was coming together in a way she never expected and it was probably too perfect.

There's one such moment that remembered clearly for the three people involved. Girls are crazy, and you picked the craziest one out there! Mc Coy/Chapel USTAs a doctor, he sees them at their most vulnerable and their most open. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger–Lupin, and Draco Black were raised by the Marauders and their wives. Now they must seek out the families they never knew in order to face the coming storm. Once in a while a person is born who breaks the mold, a person destined to burn bright in the lives of many.

Note: Finn is an all out jerk instead of just his usual sneaky jerkiness. ” He paused, before quickly tacking on, “Rachel’s nice, though.”Parker never takes drugs, and she never slept in the office. A series of interconnected one-shots featuring Mc Coy as head medical officer for the Enterprise. Now they and their friend Ron Weasley are off to Hogwarts. These people have multiple soulmarks – even up to ten or more.

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Can thirteen young people and their new talents come together and protect each other from harm? Puckleberry, Klaine, Finncedes, Chang-squared & More"She starts to crawl back because her entire life is in that car... As Frank uncovers the secret behind Maedhros, his existence is revealed to enemies he cannot fathom. ATF Something goes wrong with a bust that affects Ezra in an unexpected fashion. ****** It seems FFN has stripped my punctuation, so until I can fix it, you can read this on my site at www-dot-uplinktech-dot-net-/violette *remove the '-'* ******COMPLETE - The one who made it.

Watch as sides line up for war, and people and society change. WARNINGS: Eating disorder, physical abuse, implied self-harm, implied sexual abuse, mentions suicide & abortion. It is up to Arwen and Eowyn to stop the White City from falling to the enemy.[complete] Sirius comes across a picture of Harry five years into his imprisonment, and decides to see his godson at all costs.

In the aftermath of the Double Eclipse, Azkadellia continues to struggle with guilt and the specter of the witch when she is offered an unlikely chance at redemption. **Nominated: Best Alternate Universe in the 2011 Criminal Minds Favorite Fic Awards at Live Journal**Well, at least this time no one wants them dead. AU of “Living with Danger” – did not actually happen in the story's universe, but could have. Harry distrusts Dumbledore, he transforms the DA in anticipation of the coming war. But when he finds Harry neglected and abused, he makes a decision that entangles them both in more troubles than ever before COMPLETE!

Puckleberry backgroud w/Pezberry friendship-When the Gleeks meet back up after Freshman year to compare notes they figure Santana's year had to be the worst cause she was rooming with Rachel Berry. Harry comes to terms with Sirius's death and learns to enjoy life again. *Updated January & February 2017*Hermione's ritual magick brought back four people from the past to fulfil a prophecy, but they aren't exactly the four she planned on. Its up to the Fellowship to retrieve her or lose her forever. The Dwarves just know they need a fourteenth member in order to pay proper honor to Yavanna, wife of their creator, Mahal.

They were right, sort of, but for all the wrong reasons A single difference changed Harry Potter as he began his life at the majestic castle known as Hogwarts. When Lauren decides to finally make her relationship with Puck offical, Rachel feels it's her duty as his Best Friend to make sure she knows exactly what being Noah's girlfriend entails Amanda Grayson is one volunteer of hundreds helping Starfleet clean up the mess Kodos left of Tarsus IV. One of Yavanna's children will do..if she looks more like a grocer than the burglar they expected.

she's just a little too late because it explodes in front of her eyes". ***** It seems FFN has stripped my punctuation, so until I can fix it, you can read this on my site at www-dot-uplinktech-dot-net-/violette *remove the '-'* *******Neflyte lives! The one who unmade it and the one who was unmade because of it.