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The following is a memo from satan to his apprentice demons on earth.Don't ever forget that there is a war going on for your soul all of the time.You must keep them from strengthening their relationship with HIM and HER through daily devotions and meditations, because we can't approach them in the slightest when they are doing these things.Suggest to their brains that these things are wimpy, and only people who "don't think for themselves" would do them.This is a wonderful "choice" that the young girls make in their life - kill an innocent baby for the love of a fornicating boy friend who only "liked" the girl because of the shape of her body. No, thanks to us, the humans only worry about saving baby seals and certain whales, and whatever other "endangered species" they can think of.Saving baby humans is not even on most of their radars, except for those very obnoxious and outspoken "pro-lifers", who refuse to shutup after all of these years.

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This wordsmithing is also very important training for later, when you must make the humans think that when HE said about the Eucharist - "This We want them weak and helpless, so that the slightest temptation (lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, & pride of life, from 1 John ) we put before them is too powerful for them to even want to overcome.

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And even though the humans have ultrasound now which shows all of this to them, most people tend to ignore this science available to them, in favor of politics, personal convenience, and choice (what a wonderful word our Human Deception Committee came up with to deceive the earthly populace!

) Thanks to this great deception and our good buddies in the US Supreme Court, human sacrifice is now more prevalent than ever (The Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas were rank amateurs at this compared to the human populace today)!

A sincere and humble “Yes” to these questions by the dying humans undoes our work in a nano-second. This doesn’t seem fair--only four generations for us but a thousand for HIM, but we'll take whatever HE gives us.