Anne hathaway and christian bale dating

13-Mar-2020 23:09

The beautiful brunette tied her long tresses back in a half up, half down style and wore a pair of red-rimmed sunglasses.Anne had a black wheely suitcase and large tote bag next to her, giving the impression that she was about to jet out of the city.Before they started filming, the trio stood together while getting their makeup retouched.At one point during the shoot, Anne rested her head on Christian‘s shoulder while taking a short break!So, I always saw Anne’s role as being the toughest job of any of us. But, in my eyes, Tom is essentially creating Bane for the first time so there’s great freedom for him to be able to do so.”“Joseph is a very intriguing guy,” Christian said of the actor who last worked with Chris in “Inception.” Coincidentally, so did Tom. In my case, I’ve stopped referencing outside sources. “I would see Joseph’s performances in other films while we were filming. The actress also has several other projects in the pipeline.She's set to star in Live Fast Die Hot, a drama about a New York woman who changes dramatically when she becomes a mom, and The Lifeboat, about a young woman on trial for murder.

that she was excited to work with Bale for the first time, but found the task at first a little daunting."Here I am working with Christian Bale, and Chris Nolan is directing me and Wally Pfister is lighting me and I'm in a catsuit," Hathaway explained.

“And I was there when we did the screen test for her.