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19-Aug-2020 15:06

Because of its small size and isolation, there isn’t much plant or animal diversity.

The birds aren’t especially interesting—there are lots of starlings and fruit doves—and the park is home to just three native species of mammal, all bats.

Both of which Kanoa and I manage to accomplish on the first morning of our trip.

A thorough exploration of the park’s interior would yield little in the way of danger—a nonlethal bite from an eight-inch centipede is about the worst of it—and even less in terms of wildlife.

From August to October, humpbacks migrate past the island.

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“I’m a lucky guy,” he says, looking into the distance at nothing in particular and answering a question I didn’t ask. Fuck the rat race.” We’re waiting for Michael Jackson, a 46-year-old expat who promises to help me find some surf. He has hair the color and kink of uncooked ramen, blue eyes, and tan, crispy skin. So we’ve got our sights on the outer islands, where there are park enclaves on a couple of reef-lined southern coasts. It looks to be just over head high, but it’s impossible to tell. Combined, the five islands are home to 55,000 people and ­cover 76 square miles, about the same area as ­Baton Rouge, Louisiana.At low tide, the crest blocks the sea, causing the water to bake in the sun. Normally, coral subjected to this temperature would bleach and die. Because of that, Stanford University scientists have been coming here several times a year for the past decade to study them.

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