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Take any Turks and Caicos tour, and you’re bound to spot the shallow seawater ‘pools’, man-made to help the water evaporate quickly and leave the precious salt behind.There’s even evidence of this in prehistory, when the original TCI natives- the Taino- would travel to the area on salt gathering expeditions.Imagine a landscape of narrow streets, quaint wrought iron street lamps and beautiful facades to the buildings.It’s been the seat of the TCI government since 1766, and was founded by those in the salt trade who made their base here.Rising to prominence in the late 1800’s, several of the large caves of East Caicos, as well as the more famous Conch Bar Cave and Indian Cave of Middle Caicos, were the site of guano ‘mining’.

The wild donkeys you will spot on your in-island excursion can also thank the industry for their ancestors, who would assist miners in pulling the rail carts.However, as the Bermudas rose in prominence in the 17th century, so did the area’s salt industry, under the watchful eye of European settlers.In the most advanced areas, you’ll spot gates, pumps, split levels and more, all designed to help the early settlers extract the ‘white gold’ from the local sea.Make a Cockburn Town makes an ideal visit from the Americas, speaking English as the predominant local language and using the US dollar as her currency despite being part of the British Overseas territories.

There is a small airport on the island, although most international flights typically head into Provo’s international airport for convenience., and the things to do on Turks and Caicos extend far past the beaches, too.