Adult babies chat line

10-Oct-2019 13:35

When you read these stories on-line, you always wonder how much of them is true, and how much is not.The bulk of this story is true, with only the most of the names changed to protect the innocent and in some instances, the deceased.While Vicki was with her new friend and Gail was in a back room pulling a train with her new black stud and some of his friends, Gennifer and I started talking.I was especially taken with her dark red toenail polish, and really small feet (size 6), as I am a 'footman'.I'm an adultbaby, which means I like to be treated like, Well a baby, Though of course it dos not have to be 24/7.

I had the occasion to meet a large number of couples, including that couple about whom this story deals.

That second year, her doctor had taken her off birth control pills because of some issues with suspected blood clots.