Accommodating diversity for active participation in european elections

19-Nov-2019 08:24

These findings suggest that the employees of companies with active communication programs are at least marginally better off on several workplace dimensions -- but it is impossible with these data to determine exactly what causes what in these relationships.

The Relationship Between Engagement and Diversity and Inclusion Employee engagement, one of Gallup's core focus points in its research involving workplaces around the world, is related to several of the measures in this study.

When workers are engaged, they can see how things are progressing and can see beyond the problem at hand to a solution.

Implications for Today's Workplaces Overall, fostering the right work environment most likely helps mute some of the potential subgroup differences in worry in a changing and controversial political environment.

Persistent, long-standing differences and continued mutual mistrust between the main political parties undercut the work of the election administration, and the boycott of the Central Election Commission by opposition parties following the controversial dismissal of one of its members meant that it conducted the remainder of its work without the quorum necessary to make key decisions, the statement said.

This research also shows that engaged workers are less likely to be "more worried" over the past four months about workplace treatment as a result of their demographic status than those who are less engaged.

Gallup has noted the same pattern when other negative factors escalate, such as a bad economy.

Interviews were conducted with a random sample of more than 3,200 workers in March.

This research shows that companies do appear to be proactively dealing with diversity and inclusion issues.

“This was a substantive election offering voters real choices at a critical time for Albania.

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