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What I love is that he uses a call-to-action button to invite you to take a look at his travel blog, as well as an RSS feed to always have the latest posts displayed on his profile.Nichole uses her account to drive her business as a personal trainer.His profile is the perfect example how you don’t need many words to say everything that needs to be said.His picture shows Ken in his natural setting – capturing the allure of his newest destination, while various links that he provides direct you towards places where you can find out more about his work.Kim is a licensed artist, surface Designer, children’s Illustrator and author.What I like about her profile is that she managed to turn its one page format into a portfolio of her work.Since then, she has been working hard on using her knowledge as an industrial designer to redesign water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure in communities that lack the resources to build safe systems for themselves. Founding a social impact startup Wish for WASH and designing an inexpensive mobile toilet, Safi Choo.

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Katie made a great introduction by writing about her profession and briefly sharing her personal thoughts and beliefs. Her cover image already tells you a lot about her work, but if you need more information, there are links to her website, projects she is involved in, Amazon author profile, and her latest blog posts.